Diesel Generators Installation
Prepare, load, ship, unload, lay, align, fix, connect, test and commission

Code DG-02
Days 4
PDH 24
Daily Schedule 08:30 - 16:00 hrs
Certificate Yes

About this course:
There is high demand for standby and prime power diesel generators in the region. Needless to explain the diesel generators importance in all power plants as black start units and in many cases as prime power units, the reliability of the diesel generators and its smooth operation will only be guaranteed not only by the good design but also by the correct installation at the site. No matter how good the design is, it won’t be realized unless the installation is done completely and correctly.
Main learning objectives:    
  • Understand basic concepts in diesel generators design
  • Learn about diesel generator engine auxiliary systems
  • Learn about important operating parameters
  • Learn about diesel generators controls and switchgear
  • Learn how to handle diesel generator and its auxiliaries
  • Learn concepts in selecting and preparing sites for diesel generators
  • Understand the basic design and parameters for diesel generators room and buildings
  • Learn basic foundation design and calculations
  • Learn diesel generator mounting and anchoring details
  • Learn techniques to reduce vibration stress
  • Learn about installing exhaust system
  • Learn about installing and connecting cooling systems
  • Learn about installing fuel tanks and fuel pipes
  • Learn about installing and connecting air starting system
  • Learn about cable and pipe trenches
  • Learn about installing and connecting control panels and switchgears
  • Learn connecting safeties and grounding of equipment
  • Learn installing sound attenuators and how to install acoustic materials to reduce noise.


Course contents:
Day 1
  • Diesel generator design
  • Diesel generator auxiliary equipment
  • Diesel generator control system
  • Diesel generator switchgear
  • Diesel generators and auxiliaries handling
Day 2
  • Diesel generator site location and preparation
  • Diesel generator room design
  • Diesel generator foundation design
  • Diesel generator mounting
  • Vibration isolators
  • Exhaust system installation
Day 3
  • Radiator system installation and piping
  • Fuel tanks installation and piping
  • Air starting system installation and piping
  • Air ducts and intake air filters installation
  • Cable and pipe trenches
Day 4
  • Control panels installation and interconnections
  • Switchgear panels installation and cabling
  • Equipment neutral and safety grounding
  • Acoustics and noise attenuator installation
  • Acoustic enclosure installation considerations
  • Installation check-list




Daily Schedule:

Session-1  08:30 – 10:00 hrs
Coffee Break  10:00 – 10:15 hrs
Session-2  10:15 – 11:45 hrs
Coffee Break 11:45 – 12:00 hrs
Session-3  12:00 – 13:30 hrs
Lunch  13:30 – 14:30 hrs
Session-4 14:30 – 16:00 hrs


Who should attend this course?
This comprehensive course is prepared for application engineers, sales engineers, design engineers, consultants, production engineers, service engineers, project engineers, contractors and installation teams.
You can register by any of the following methods:
2. Download the registration form and fax to : 00962-6-551-4686
Note: Seat can only be secured after the full payment is received. However early registration is always encouraged.
Course fee includes course manuals, handouts, software, coffee breaks and lunch as applicable
10% discount is provided for every extra delegate and for payment made at least 45 days before the event start date.
Fees shall be transferred to account:
0118-269412-3-510 (USD)
Arab Bank PLC, Shmaisani Branch, Amman – Jordan
Beneficiary name: Najah Engineering Consultants L.L.C
Beneficiary address: PO Box 460382, Amman-11946, Jordan